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Commercial Product Photography

Commercial Product Photography
It's an amazing journey in the field of commercial product and food photography and I continue to love it. There is so much to learn and to understand about producing an image that will make the client's product appealing to the consumer. It is also a balancing act between artistry and practical application.

Following are a few helpful tips to apply when photographing products:
Planning the shoot:
1. Listen to the client to know what they envision in the final presentation.
2. Compile a shot list based on their communication about the product and/or a specific shot list provided.
3. Compile background and display materials (props) according to the specified theme.
4. Secure location and models that fit the product and theme (do a test shoot if possible).
5. Plan adequate time for the shoot and factor in delays and interruptions.
6. Make sure you have back-up plans and back-up equipment.
The Shoot:
1. Experiment with available light and flash.
2. Experiment with angles to achieve the best composition.
3. Use a macro lens for smaller products and close-up detail on larger items.
4. Ask the question frequently, "Would I want buy the product based on my photo?"
5. Review images on a computer rather than the DSLR viewer when possible.
6. Hire a stylist (food/hair/make-up) or have a qualified assistant onsite for support and feedback.
Delivery:  Under Promise - Over deliver
1. If images can be prepared in 7-10 days communicate that they will be delivered within 14 days.
2. Deliver a quality product by processing images consistently and correctly.
3. Provide a secure delivery system for easy online access and downloading.
4. Allow the client to market their product before displaying project photos online as a professional courtesy.
5. Use the best software possible for processing.
6. Always look for ways to improve your skills, product and delivery.

My experience with shooting commercial stock photography has helped me gain a wealth of education with a great variety of products, situations and lighting arrangements. You'll find that with experimentation, education, hands-on work and continued effort product photography can be greatly rewarding. Start simple and work up!

One last note: People often ask me which photo is my best or my favorite, my response is consistently, "The Next One." Work hard and have fun doing what you love... It pays off!
 all the best...

James Pauls
eyecrave LLC

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