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Sunday, December 20, 2009

wrapping up 2009 - studio open house 2010

As I begin, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and the greatest New Year ever...

October was a busy month and ended with a trip to western Colorado.
That trip involved helping my
mother get some things done around her house and securing an older mountain cabin to prevent break-ins.

Also, I enjoyed 3
days of photo shoots with friends involving creative and seasonal stock photography themes. I threw in a photo shoot for one of our nephews who is a senior this year.

November wasn't any less busy but it was just as much fun.
I spent much time guiding the design of my new
studio and taking care of several commercial and corporate photo shoots.
We went to St Louis during Thanksgiving weekend as a family and had a great time together - going out to eat, running around downtown and part of a day at the city museum (a
very cool place).

December 1 was my first day at the new eyecrave
photography studio and over the past few weeks it has been coming together nicely. It is great to have an indoor option for photo shoots and a place where ideas can develop with precision in preparation for a shoot. It is a very simple and clean studio with a modern look.
Since my focus is
stock photography it is designed to allow for shoots anywhere inside.

My portfolio will
continue to be displayed online and through my photo books and materials.
December 20 - that means 2009 is soon to be a memory.
This has been an exciting year, starting out with a launch of my photography business full-time - it is exciting to watch it grow. Now, with the opportunity to grow even more with dedicated space I am excited for 2010 and what lies ahead.

My stock photography portfolio will ta
ke on more shape with added creativity and depth. My corporate and personal (family,wedding,senior...) will continue by request only. In addition to this I will be seeking out additional models (individuals and families) to assist me in developing concepts to add to my commercial stock portfolio. I'll be starting the New Year (01.01.10) with a wedding shoot - LOL.

Peggy Jo, my wife, has experienced a great year in Real Estate and I am excited to see how she does in the upcoming year.

She is very good at working with people, helping them find what they need and helping them sell what they have.

children, Everett and Erin are stepping out on their own and making us so proud with how they are facing independence and the life that lies ahead. I want to thank everyone who has contributed in so many way to help me and my family this year during the challenges of transition in business and life. God has blessed us with direction and provision and so many wonderful friends!

Please visit us during our studio open house in January.

OPEN HOUSE: January 29, 5-8 pm (arrive and leave at your convenience)

LOCATION: 2209 Petrus Circle Ozark, MO 65721

PHONE: 417.569.6209

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

best regards...
James Pauls • photographer