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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Facebook free photo use

I pulled the information below from a news feed. You'll find helpful details to assist with protecting the use of your photos on Facebook by modifying privacy settings. I have a vested interest as a photographer to make sure I monitor use and prevent as much unauthorized use as possible related to my photos. I want to protect my clients as much as possible while maintaining my intellectual property and creative rights.

Social networks are making this a challenge - our practices of digital copyrights (often lost upon lo-res conversion) and watermarks (see image above) can prevent some unwanted use while we continue to serve our customers with quality images and the ability to display them.

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By Larry Collins
Reporter Published: July 20, 2009 The next time you log on to Facebook, don’t be surprised if you see your face staring back at you in an advertisement. Facebook’s sponsors can use your pictures without paying you. You may remember the controversy surrounding the Facebook terms of services and their use of our pictures. There is a new use of pictures that has many scratching their heads. Sponsors can use your Facebook photos to advertise, making you a spokesperson for services and products. One woman says her husband logged on to Facebook to find her picture advertising a dating site as a “hot single.“ When I logged on to the site, I also found that my picture was used to promote a dating website. If you don’t opt out of social ads, Facebook can use your picture. The computer system collects information about you and when your friends log on they see you. If you become a fan of a product, your picture may show up in the ad for the product.

The good news, is that it’s an easy fix. All you need to do is change your settings.
Here are the simple steps:

* Go to the settings tab
* Then to the privacy section

* Look at the news feed and wall section
* Then go to Facebook ads option and appearance in Facebook ads
* Click “no one”

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