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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter slow-down... I don't think so.

Thanks for dropping in....

This year has been especially busy with travel and the additional business opportunity we took on. It's been busy, productive and enjoyable. Now we're headed into fall/winter and things are picking up - not slowing down. My inbox and voice mail box each contain communications that need to be replied to about upcoming photography work. I'll get to those once I finish this over-do update.

We have been traveling more this year than the previous. It really is fun to drive across country see and stay in different places. Colorado, Seattle (Peggy Jo and Everett), Florida, and a variety of shorter trips to KC and STL.

I have enjoyed time with my wife, Peggy Jo, so much in the past year as we have been on the road and working together on our business more and we are so proud of our adult twin children Everett and Erin... we're so blessed!

The travel resulted in the compilation of shots here containing candy shoots for Norman Love Confections and Fannie May Brands, and some food shots locally for City Mexican Cuisine as well as some modeling editorial work - I LOVE WHAT I DO.

I'll attempt to update this more often even as life gets busier into the holiday season.

Recently iStockphoto added an new referral program that allows me to share my portfolio and general links to iStock - it's pretty cool. If you know someone who needs stock photos fro communications please feel free to share this link: iStockphoto/eyecrave

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