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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stock Photos Used Correctly

From time-to-time I come across images from my stock portfolio (probably about once or twice a week).
It's really quite rewarding to see them and to know that someone appreciates my work and finds it useful for communicating their ideas.

Correct use of stock photos means that they were purchased from a stock photography service and that their use fits within the guidelines of the EULA (end user license agreement).

When people are included in an image a model release has been submitted with the photo in most instances (in my case all instances for non-editorial shots). Editorial images generally don't require a model release due to the nature of that category of photography (although there are guidelines where minors are concerned).

There are a variety of ways models are compensated in exchange for use of their photo(s) by stock photographers. Models/people may be hired and paid a fee, trade for time or a combination of the two. Trades are very common as it allows photographers to relax fees for individuals who are trying to cut costs (engagements, weddings, families, seniors, business communications, model portfolios) allowing for a more economical outcome. Most people feel it is a privilege to be a part of a commercial photography portfolio.

Considering there are likely trillions of photos floating around online (facebook, twitter, Flickr, pinterest...) that are not protected by a EULA stock images are really in a safer category as users abide by their agreement. If there is misuse of a particular photo the company that makes the images available for purchase can enforce compliance and the situation can be resolved. Instances of misuse I've encountered are rare where the photos are purchased through a legitimate provider. Those who post personal images on social network sites run a greater risk of image misuse and distribution (next time you travel internationally or browse the www watch for your soc-net pics).

My photos (and my family) are a part of my stock portfolio. I don't ask others to do something I won't do myself. We have laughed when we end up in a publication with other names or we hear that we helped communicate an event by being placed on a billboard. I tend to feel that it is a compliment for an image to be selected from literally millions (if not trillions) and to be placed into a communication piece. Remember, modeling for stock photography is like acting... an actor is a real person playing the part of someone else - roles change. Another way to see it is that images of model released models are used in "fictional" scenarios to portray "fictional" persons.

Almost every week I get emails or call from someone who found themselves or was found in communications or sometimes I'll personally even run across a communication containing one of my photos. My work has been used in OPRAH Mag, MORE Mag, Focus on The Family, Billboards, fliers, online ads and a variety of other places... you've likely seen my work and didn't even realize it (how would you?) unless of course you modeled for one of my shoots.

You can view my stock imagery here: James' Stock Photos

best regards... James Pauls • photographer www.eyecravephotography.com

Monday, April 23, 2012


Thought I'd share this link to my most recent photo shoot for The System / Paul Mitchell Partner School:

The System staff, stylists and all of the models did a fantastic job with "A Story Told." It was an honor to work with such professional and creative individuals and to witness the tremendous teamwork it took to produce such a successful show. Great job everyone!

I also want to thank Peggy Jo Pauls (my wife) for her support and help with shoot details and Kinsey Mhire for her creative expertise on camera II.

Thanks for dropping in.

best regards... 

James Pauls • eyecrave llc
photographer www.eyecravephotography.com

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fall for something, but not... / PHOTOGRAPHY SCAM

My entry today is just an alert for those who also received the following inquiry for photography services.
In 2010 I received the same request and created a fun little game out of it to see what a scam like this is all about and how to avoid them.
Click on image to open in full size.

It seems legitimate and professional and to know that you are the "chosen photographer" feels awesome.
  1. I replied to the request with a proposal
  2. I was chosen to do the job and promised my fee
  3. A couple emails later with a tiny bit of confusion with payment delivery (distraction) money orders arrived
  4. A call to the issuing bank for the payment produced interesting results:
  • Note the handwritten amount on each money order - that is the original value
  • Each m/o had been cashed for a small amount and a larger amount was printed on them
The Instructions included told me to deposit them and return the excess amount paid
  • Doing this would place empty money orders in my account
  • Excess amounts sent back due to overpayment would be my loss
  • The SCAMMER receives my money in return for worthless money orders
  • My fee = $1030 and money orders total $2975 ...only $1945 difference (sarcasm)
The latest photography request: note the similarities

My name is Ben and my wife's name is Amelia, we sell textiles/fabrics and we are based in England. We will be relocating to the  Mississippi , USA on the 15th of April 2012.

I got your contact on the internet after a search for a photographer. Can you offer 4hours of photographic services during the celebration of our 5th Wedding Anniversary. The ceremony takes place in our newly purchased New York home. Myself, my wife, my lovely daughter-Maria and about 12 family members and friends will be present.

Could you please answer these questions if you are interested in this offer

1)Are you able to provide this service on a date between April 20th and April 30th ? We are quite flexible. which exact date will be good so as to include this in our plan ?

2)What is your location in Mississippi so as to estimate how close you are ?

We look forward to your prompt response


Ben Arik
41 Canterbury Place
London SE17 3AD

When all is said and done, I DID NOT fall for it the first time. I had a bit of detective fun in the process of seeing what this sort of thing is all about.

I recommend that photographers don't get overly excited about this sort of request, follow through professionally and realize things aren't always as they appear. If you are suspicious, don't waste your time, just don't reply.
Be wise and patient with the process of doing business in a consistently professional manner and you'll likely not get burned... I'm glad I didn't.

best regards...
James Pauls • photographer www.eyecravephotography.com

Sunday, January 1, 2012


2011 was a fantastic year with many great new adventures and so many amazing blessings • • • God is so good to us!

Peggy Jo and  I are traveling more with my commercial and stock photography and our Genesis Pure business. My commercial photography work is increasing - two of my most recent shoots include Norman Love Confections and Fannie May Chocolates (artisan, valentines & easter). We will be traveling to both coasts and places in-between this year and have plans to travel to Europe. Our new business is allowing Peggy Jo to make a shift from f/t Real Estate and allowing us to work side-by-side once again doing things we love to do.

Everett is living in Seattle and working with The C4 group as an Americorp VISTA. We are proud of him as he has applied himself to this new assignment and has grown tremendously. He will complete this assignment in August and we are eagerly looking forward to the exciting things he will do with his extensive skill-set and numerous talents (A dad's bias clearly ...but the truth none-the-less). His dedication to Christ and the blessed life he leads make us so proud of him. Everett continues to rock climb and compete as time allows and doesn't give up on trying to get me/us to take up his sport. Also, he is in a relationship that we are watching closely with great anticipation. He is the greatest son anyone could ever have - we are so blessed!

Erin has remained in Springfield and continues to work for a sign company. She is also amazingly talented and continues to work on creative ideas that are very impressive to say the least... cool knitting items and visual arts projects. She amazes us with her blessed life and passionate heart and dedication to Christ. Erin does her share of rock climbing and she's very good at it. She makes sure Peggy Jo and I have our quality time with her each week over coffee or lunch.... She is the greatest daughter anyone could ever have - we are so blessed!

We are so excited about the year ahead and how the journey will develop. We look forward to all the relationships we will begin and the growth of the quality relationships we have maintained over the years including those we have started over the past year. Our dreams and goals will lead us to places where we can help others and be effective in positively impacting the world around us.

We trust you will also let your dreams and the goals you set lead you to do greater things in 2012!

all the best...
James Pauls • photographer www.eyecravephotography.com