james pauls • photographer

Sunday, January 17, 2010

eyecrave photography studio open house


DATE: Sunday, January 31, 2-4 pm
(drop-in and slip-out at your convenience)

LOCATION: 2209 Petrus Circle Ozark, MO 65721

PHONE: 417.569.6209

BLOG: www.jamespauls.com

Please drop-in and join us for the beginning of something new. This is an exciting time of expansion for eyecrave photography as we move into a designated commercial studio location.
We will have great coffee (Big Momma's) and a few light snacks.
...and now featuring designer chocolates from Norman Love Confections
NEWLY PUBLISHED BOOK: eyecrave 2009 photo journal

Art display by Erin Pauls
Live Music by Everett Pauls and Jeremy Grisbee

James Pauls founded eyecrave LLC in 1999, providing graphic design and stock photography services while living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2002 he and his family moved to Springfield and for 6 years he worked at Assemblies of God National Headquarters overseeing design, marketing and resources as well as related staff for two departments during that time-span (2 years youth department and 4 years men's department).

After much consideration, James and his wife Peggy Jo (a Realtor - www.peggyjopauls.com) decided October 2008 was time to take the photography business to full-time status. James left his corporate position to put his effort into his photography passion and connect with the business community and the community in general.

James has developed an eye for a fresh take on photography in our digital era. The equipment investment has been an important factor for providing a competitive viable product. However, the intentional effort to educate himself with style, technical innovation and fear-less experimentation to uncover new ways of doing things, allows for a current approach to an age-old industry. His photography is utilized all over the world for communications, advertising, marketing and art.

Eyecrave's business-model is focused on commercial photography and most specifically stock photography (www.istockphoto.com/eyecrave).
Those who appreciate this intentionally unique photography style continue to request us for weddings, senior shoots, special events and custom projects.