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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

in the beginning

This is my initial blog on this site.

My name is James Pauls and I live with my Wife in Ozark, Missouri.
Our twin son and daughter graduated from Ozark HS last year so we see them from time-to-time as they experience the need to return home from their student activities or for their summer stay. We have a cairn terrier named Ozzy and a cat named Sassy.

We moved to the area about 5.5 years ago at the request of a locally-based national organization to oversee marketing and resources for one of their divisions. I have made one move within the org. to do the same for another area with expanded responsibilities.

I have maintained and have grown a graphic design/photography company for over 8 years which has morphed into primarily a stock/commercial photography company over the past couple years called eyecrave LLC, found at www.eyecrave.com and www.eyecravephotography.com and www.istockphoto.com/eyecrave.

I thrive when I can create and love working with people.

Photography is my passion.
James Pauls